SKIF World championships Athens - July 2009

SKKIF UK under the captaincy of Sensei Kevin Leigh took a team of 16 Karateka to the 10th SKIF World championships held in Athens Greece. The Olympic stadium was the venue with 64 countries competing from all over the World.

Great results on the first day with sensei Tony Atherden 3rd place kumite (60-65) and 2nd place  team kata (veterans) for sensei's Kevin Leigh, Lucie Marsh and Tony Atherden.

Fantastic efforts from all the team in individual and team kata and kumite.

Reza of Kodokai dojo superbly wins 8 fights and 1st place in the Kumite (16-17 years). Kancho presents his Gold medal.

SKKIF UK achieved one Gold one Silver and one Bronze, the final tally was combined with the one Gold and one silver from SKIEF GB putting Great Britain into 10th position out of the 64 participating countries.


The team took time out one evening to visit the World famous Acropolis and Parthenon.

Never miss an opportunity to get a bit of practise in.... even though it was 42 degrees, phew!!!!!


After the competition the end of tournament party gets into full swing.

Anna is very glad that she wore her pink dress that night!!!

SKKIF World championships caption contest


 Sensei Steve Marriott 4th dan Yamakai.......


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