Czech Republic, Haradek Kralove- May 2011


This years Czech Republic course was held in Haradek Kralove. This years sensei's were Ivor Garner 5th dan, Colin Needham 5th dan and Kevin Leigh 5th dan with assistant instructors  from Kodokai Watford, Red Sun Manchester and Norwich East coast Karate


We are first introduced to the city and climb the Historic Church tower of Haradek and look out over the impressive sky line.

  We need to rest after such a strenuous climb!!


    A local Chateau is the next place we visit .. followed by a trip to an underground castle. We have an exclusive tour of each...


The fun begins with a night out with the guys from Plzen and Brno SKIF Karate clubs.

 Sunday am dojo...

The class was split into three groups with the UK Sensei's teaching the kata and application.

Sensei Garner demonstrates Bunkai for the Tekki-shodan.

Sensei Leigh demonstrates Bunkai for the Enpi.

Sensei Leigh introduces the students to Gankaku-sho and it's bunkai.


Lunch time.....

Sensei Needham demonstrates Bunkai for the Bassai-dai.




Sensei's Garner, Needham and Leigh line up with the various Czech clubs and the Haradek club who organised the course.


The students are presented with signed certificates and Licences.

 Sunday pm...


 An early start Monday morning and a visit to the fabulous City of Prague..


We finish our trip with a climb up the famous Petrin tower overlooking Prague...



  Goodbye to Prague and Haradek with thanks to Vit, Camille & Jaroslav of  SKIF Czech Republic for organising such a fantastic trip


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