Czech Republic, Plzen - May 2010

This years Czech Republic course was held in Plzen. Pictured centred back are sensei's Ivor Garner 5th dan, Colin Needham 5th dan and Kevin Leigh 5th dan with students from Kodokai Watford, Red Sun Manchester and Norwich East coast Karate

The class was split into two groups with the UK Sensei's teaching Sanbon Kumite 1 to 5.


The students are introduced to Gi-Ju-Ippon no 1.


Lunch time!!

Kata Nijushiho

Sensei Leigh demonstrates Bunkai for the Nijushiho.

Nijushiho bunkai involves many locking and put down techniques


Sensei's Garner, Needham, Leigh with the UK students and the Plzen club who organised the course.

The students are presented with signed certificates and Licences.

 Saturday pm...

The fun begins with a night out with the guys from Plzen SKIF Karate club.

We think there may be something in these large glasses........ Pilsner Urquell !!!


We move onto the night club where we teach the locals to dance...

 Simon and Alison perform for the crowds in Plzen city centre.... at 3.30 in the morning !!

 Sunday am...

 An early start Sunday morning and a visit to a historic town and a castle in the country side


The oldest stone bridge in Main land Europe.

 Sensei Garner finds this helpless man at the bottom of the hill...
 Sunday pm...
 Monday pm...

Whilst we were there Plzen celebrates the liberation of the City & Czech Republic after the second world War.

We climb the Historic Church tower and look out over the impressive sky line.

A tour of the Pilsner Urquell brewery in Plzen

We finish our trip with a visit to the beer museum.. Where we drink more beer!!!

  Goodbye to Plzen with thanks to Vit Stencil & Jaroslav Netrval of the SKIF Karate club of Plzen for organising a fantastic weekend...


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