Czech Republic Course - May 2009

This years Czech Republic course was held in Brno with nine students and instructors from the UK.

Pictured top left are sensei's Ivor Garner 5th dan, Anne Hastings 6th dan and Kevin Leigh 5th dan with students from Kodokai Watford and Norwich East coast Karate

The class was split into three groups....Sensei Leigh teaches the senior grades the Kata 'Chinte' and it's applications.

Sensei Hastings teaching kicking techniques and body movement

Sensei Garner teaching locks and throw downs.

Ju Ippon for the brown belts, with Kamil the victim...

Sensei Leigh teaches Heian Yondan and bunkai to the junior grades.

Sensei's Garner, Hastings and Leigh with the Karate Husovice senior sensei's Franta and Vit who organised the course.

Sensei Garner can not hold back his excitement before the signing of certificates by the sensei's.


A fantastic night out in Brno with Karate Husovice and the guys from Plzen SKIF Karate club.

I think there may be something in the Czech beer!!!

The next day we visited the Historic Czech capital city of Prague

Goodbye to Brno and Prague with thanks to Vit & Karate Husovice for organising another great weekend...


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