Czech Republic Course - May 2007

Sensei Leigh and  Kodokai Black belts really happy to be back in Brno Czech Republic

The course was organised by sensei Vit Stencel of the Shotokan club in Brno with students travelling from all over Czech

Sensei Kevin Leigh demonstrating back breaking techniques in Ju-Ippon

The class was split in to two groups with sensei Lucie Marsh 4th dan and Phill Suddick 3rd dan teaching kata

In the last hour of the course we were visited by Guest instructors Sensei Karel Kocicka 7th dan Gosoko Ryu, instructor for the US forces (CIA, FBI, DEA, SWAT) and sensei Josef Zverina 6th dan Wado Ryu, instructor for the Czech president bodyguards/security, who both taught knife and un-armed combat techniques.

Another fantastic course comes to an end and one that we will remember for a long time

Signing of certificates and a presentation to sensei Leigh

In the evening we were taken to a 300 year old wine cellar and to a night club in Brno

The next day  we visited the Historic Slovak City of Bratislava
Bratislava where we watched the European Karate championships

A guided tour of the 'Staro Bruno' Brewery and then into the City of Brno

Goodbye to Brno and a big thanks to Vit for organising another great weekend... shame about the handbag though!!!


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